Fluid grease - Lubrication



The market of fluid grease equipment is much more difficult in application than the oil equipment market.
It requires a lot of experience for the correct design of the fluid grease plants. We have this experience, use it.

Consumption central lubrication systems

Discharge systems NLGI-grade greases 000,00

Fields of application

  •  Machine Tools
  •  Printing Machines
  •  Textile Machinery
  •  Packaging machines
  •  Wind Turbines
  •  Off-Road
  •  Mining and others

Single line (consumption) centralized lubrication systems are suitable for supplying relatively small quantities of lubricant, matched to the consumption, to the lubrication points of a machine. They work intermittently, i.e. with pauses.

Automatically operated systems can be controlled according to time or load. By means of exchangeable metering nipples on the distributors it is possible to supply the required quantity of lubricant to each lubrication point per stroke or working cycle of the pump. The dosing range extends from 0.01 to 1.5 cm³ per lubrication impulse and lubrication point.


  • Pump unit (piston pump or gear pump)
  • Piston distributor
  • Dosing units
  • Control and monitoring device, depending on the system design


  • Simple system planning
  • Modular system
  • Extensibility