Relubrication distributors

Relubrication distributors
In the After lubrication distributor promoting amount of lubricant to the lubrication point only takes place during or after the relief operation in the main line, that after switching off the lubrication unit. The achievable Ausschiebedrücke the lubrication point are determined by the spring force and the piston surface and are lower than the maximum of Ausschiebedrücke Vorschmierverteiler. The relubrication thus has the function of a spring accumulator.
Here the operation:

Relubrication distributors series VN for fluid grease
Relubrication distributor with max 6 outlets
Dosage 0,05 to 1,00 cm³
various connection possiblities
Price on request
1 to 1 (from a total of 1)