Dynamic distributor

tech_draw SKF MonoFlex single-line distributors of product series 361 are single-line pulse distributors for MonoFlex single-line central lubrication systems for oil and fluid grease lubrication. These single-line distributors are designed to be mounted in manifolds. The combination of these single-line distributors with 1- to 6-position distributor strips provides flexible options for the lubrication system design on the machine/plant to be lubricated.
The possible metering quantities are in the range of 0.01 to 0.20 cm³.
Depending on the minimum actuating pressure, the inlet manifolds can be used for oil only (minimum actuating pressure 8 bar) or for oil and fluid grease (minimum actuating pressure 25 bar). The lubrication point line is connected to the impulse distributor by means of a taper ring fitting consisting of the taper ring and a union nut. Lubrication point lines made of metal or plastic pipe or hose lines with metal pipe sockets can be connected. The diameter of the lubrication point line to be connected is uniformly 4 mm.
The elastomer components inside the one-piece inlet manifold are made of NBR.


  • Metering: 0,01 cm³ - 0,02 cm³ - 0,03 cm³ - 0,05 cm³ - 0,10 cm³ - 0,20 cm³
  • Operating pressure: min/max: 25bar / 80bar
  • Imput screw: M10x1
  • for oil and fluid grease lubrication
29,04 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
  • Metering: 0,02 cm³ - 0,03 cm³ - 0,05 cm³ - 0,10 cm³ 
  • Operating pressure: min/max: 8bar / 40bar
  • Imput screw: M10x1
  • for oil lubrication.
21,98 EUR
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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The distributor body of the version for oil is made of brass, the version for oil / fluid grease has a distributor body made of steel (galvanised, Cr6-free). The sealing of the screw-in thread for mounting the single-line inlet manifold in a manifold is available in the version for copper sealing ring.