Gas driven single point automatic lubricators

The system 24 LAGD series consists of a transparent lubricant container and a cartridge with an electrochemical gas cell. When it is activated, the internal batteries are electrically connected and gas production begins. Pressure is built up until the piston moves and pushes the lubricant into the respective arrangement. Gas production is proportional to the passage of current. Therefore, each position of the adjustment ring is set up to allow a pre-set current passage. Thus, discharge periods are set between 1 and 12 months.
The most important features:

  • Installation without tools
  • Can be switched off
  • Detailed information on the label minimizes the risk of improper installation
  • Designed and tested for extreme conditions
  • IP68 - dustproof and waterproof Atex approval for zone 0
  • Optimal readability of the adjustment ring
  • Removable battery for environmentally friendly disposal
  • Special ring design for optimum grip
  • Transparent container for easy level control
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