Chain Lube - Kopie

The chain lubrication, type PMA 2, is a contactless oil chain lubrication without control. Here, an initiator queries the exact position of the chain link and triggers a lubrication pulse. An electromagnet pulls in and pushes a metering piston forward. This dynamic process, in conjunction with a nozzle at the tube outlet, makes it possible to cover a certain distance without blowing air and thus lubricate with a clearly defined amount of oil with pinpoint accuracy. This system works with the chain running. The formation of an oil mist is impossible. The maximum chain speed is 5 lubrication cycles/sec. Different container sizes, pump outlets, power supplies and nozzles complete the range.

Box Capacity 13 or 36 ltr. with / without empty signal
Magnet Pump 1 - 6 outputs to the nozzles
Voltage 24VDC or 230 VAC
Pump dosage 30 mm³ or 60 mm³ / cycle
number fo nozzles 1 - 6 pieces
Nozzle 1 or 2 outlets


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