Chain Lube

The CLK airless oil lubrication system is a reliable and easy-to-install solution for the automatic lubrication of roller chains.
The system includes a central lubrication unit that applies a metered amount of lubricant precisely to each friction point of the moving chain links. The integrated control unit allows this dose to be sprayed at exactly the right time. The spray nozzles, which operate without compressed air, have no mechanical contact with the chains, keeping wear on the applicator and dirt accumulation to a minimum. The main components of the system are corrosion-resistant and suitable for wide temperature ranges. All these elements make the system a solution that is perfectly suited for the special requirements in the food industry. The scope of delivery includes a complete chain lubrication system including all holders, nozzles, pipes (even with pipe cutter) and fasteners. Easy-to-understand operating and assembly instructions make installation possible even for non-professionals.

Important: the chain speed must not be faster than 3 links/sec!

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