Air-operated lubrication pump PPS30
  • For fluid grease and oil
  • For use in small and medium-sized machines and systems
  • Reservoir size 1.5 ltr.
  • pneumatic operation
  • Fill level switch
  • Pressure switch
RRP 342,72 EUR
Only 295,08 EUR
Gear pump unit MFE5 with 3l plastic container and empty signal

Gear pump unit MFE5 with 3l plastic container and empty signal; delivery rate 0.5 l/min

RRP 1.382,85 EUR
Only 1.198,47 EUR
special offer-Plastic tube 4 X 0.85 mm plasticizer-containing transparent quality 716

Plastic pipelines WVN716 (containing plasticizer)Ø4x0,85mm

RRP 1,30 EUR
Only 1,04 EUR
special offer-High pressure hose 6mm

Special Offer:
High pressure hose for main lines pipeØ 6 (NW4)(connection:pump distributor) and lubrication point lines(distributor lubrication point)

RRP 3,96 EUR
Only 2,78 EUR